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Burrow Leather Goods DBA

The Prairie. Handcrafted Leather Tote Bag in Chestnut York.


Fully handcrafted with full grains leather. Beautiful and unique distress look that will develop overtime. Strong 8oz leather handles and copper hardware for durability. Available in a beautiful chestnut brown color. Great everyday tote bag, made to last!

-Large front pockets.
-Product size: 14" (w) x 15.5" (h).
-Shoulder straps length is about 25 inches long .
-Rich/Beautiful patina pattern which continues to develop with age.
-Solid Copper hardware .
-Large inside pocket.
-Ships out within 7 business days from Portland, Oregon, USA.

*Please note: Because leather is a natural product there may be natural blemishes; these should not be misconstrued as flaws, as this is what makes each item beautiful and unique. As a result the product can vary slightly from the pictures.
At Burrow Leather we do our best to source all our materials domestically when possible, however,  this doesn't limit us from working with high quality suppliers from around the world. We love working with other small businesses and promoting a sustainable business model that allows us to grow with our local community.

Caring for Your Vegetable-Tanned Leather 

Keep your leather away from heat sources and never blow-dry it. Don't use brushes with synthetic bristles to clean it — only natural bristles should be used. Use oil or conditioner made specifically for leather weekly if the item is used frequently.


Caring for Your Chrome-Tanned Leather

do not get something with oils in it, just something that will protect the surface. Shoe wax works well for chrome tanned leather. An old t-shirt. Any cloth will work for this, but I try to avoid cloth with large fibers (like a towel) that will leave streaks in the drying wax.

Waxed fabric is beautifully imperfect. It will get scratched and distressed but in time
will only get better looking.

You can obtain a distress look naturally or use your hands! Scrunch it, squeeze it and smooth it. Don’t like the look or you have too many distress marks, simply heat with a hair dryer or heat gun and start over.

Do not wash or dry clean your canvas. Spot clean. Do not wash or dry clean your canvas. Spot clean with a very damp rag or even better a stiff bristle lint brush. Avoid prolong extreme heat. If you should get a water spot on your canvas, apply heat from your hair dryer to the area to reset the wax.

Made to order

All products are handcrafted with love and care from my workshop.

The Prairie. Handcrafted Leather Tote Bag in Chestnut York.